Melody, Movement & Me!


Our daughter Ava loves Miss Sara's class. Not only does she get to sing and dance with all of her friends but she also gets to see her Dad cut loose and have fun too. It's  a great way for us to reconnect after the work day and it's a great way for me to relieve some stress. Melody,Movement and Me!..the ME should be a parent, you can really get a lot out of this class."

"My children all started with Sara when they were 6 months and continued until they were 5. Sara has been the most amazing first teacher for my children! She genuinely loves music, teaching and children. Sara has fostered a love, appreciation and understanding of music in my children - and for that, I will forever be grateful to her. I have recommended her classes to every new mom I meet."

"I can not even begin to say how much I have enjoyed bringing my 2 boys to Miss Sara's music classes. Its amazing to see how music has impacted their learning and development. Its been nearly 2 yrs since my oldest son has attended the baby class and to this day he still sings one of the songs before bedtime. Miss Sara has a wonderful way of engaging the babies/children and the parents and I can honestly say I always leave the class with a smile on my face." 

My boys, Fynn (age 3 ½) and Rowan (10 months) have both been enthusiastic participants of Sara's music classes since they were only a few weeks old. Through the years, Sara's classes have exposed  Fynn to musical concepts such as beat and off-beat, staccato and legato, high and low notes, fast and slow beat,  as well as an introduction to many different musical styles. Each level revisits many of these same concepts but in different, age appropriate ways.  As well, the classes give opportunities for learning how to share and take turns, relax and quiet the body, and for independence and trying new things with mom(or dad or grammie) close by.  Now that Rowan has started, music class is a special time when he gets my undivided attention, and we learn songs and rhymes that we use all the time at home.  I look forward to watching both of my boys continue to explore music with Sara.

"My children have been enrolled in Sara's music classes for the past six years. Her current program offers creative musical games for children in a loving and wholesome environment. Sara's years of experience in the field of music, coupled with her genuine interest in each and every child, make her program one of the best choices we have made for our children."

"My daughter and I have been coming to music class for 2 years with Miss Sara We have had so much fun that we are coming back again this year."

"Miss Sara! she is wonderful with all the children and they all gravitate toward her! We have enjoyed every second of it and recommend to all!"

"Both our daughters have been enjoying  music class with Sara for the last year and a half. They love Miss Sara, the music and dancing. They ask all the time to go to class and are very excited when the day arrives. It is a wonderful experience for the kids!"





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